Your course registration fee includes the Method R software licenses specified in your enrollment package.

Software Licenses

Per-userid licenses entitle you to use our software on only a single login (user id) on a single machine (either real or virtual).

Per-person licenses entitle you to use our software on any login on any system, anywhere.

Software Platforms and Compatibility

Method R Trace requires Oracle Database 10g or later and runs anywhere Oracle SQL Developer version 3 runs.

Method R Tools runs on Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris SPARC, and Microsoft Windows.

Method R Profiler runs on Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Method R Tools and Method R Profiler work on extended SQL trace (event 10046) files generated by any Oracle Database released since 1990.

Optional License Upgrades

Several enrollment package options are available at the course registration page. These options allow you to customize the software licenses and maintenance contracts that you will receive with the course.

You may upgrade your license at discounted prices for up to 1 month after the date of your course. Course discounts do not apply to optional software license upgrades. For all licensing requests or questions, please contact

Obtaining the Software and Course Materials

To obtain software and course materials, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have not already registered at our website, do so at our login and registration page.
  2. Email the following information to
    1. Your user name
    2. Date of the course you attended
    3. If you have purchased a package with user-id-based licensing, then choose the single operating system where you will run the software (remember, Method R software runs where you will analyze your trace files, not necessarily where your Oracle Database runs). Choices are:
      1. Linux
      2. Apple Mac OS X
      3. Oracle Solaris SPARC
      4. Microsoft Windows
  3. After we receive this information, we will grant access at our website. You will then be able to download the software and course materials at our downloads page.
  4. You will download the Method R Trace software directly through Oracle SQL Developer by adding the Method R Trace Update Center URL to the Update Center panel (see the Method R Trace product page if you need more details):
    1. Navigate in Oracle SQL Developer to Help > Check For Updates.
    2. Enter the Method R Trace Update Center URL:
  5. You will receive the appropriate license keys at the email address you used in step 2.