This FAQ discusses expected etiquette when participating in the Method R Forums.

Posting Etiquette

Thank you for joining our community! The forums at are a wonderful and welcoming community, and we want to keep it that way—a place of warmth and trust and integrity. To help promote that environment we request that you follow a few simple rules when posting:

  1. When asking a question, provide all the details that someone would need to answer it. We highly recommend that you consult your documentation first before posting a question.
  2. When answering a question, be courteous. Remember that there are different levels of experience represented here. A poorly worded question is better ignored than flamed—but it's better yet to help the poster ask a better question.
  3. Refrain from the use of profanity or any inflammatory language.
  4. Please do not post new threads about products you or your company sells.
  5. You may link to your personal blog in your forum signature, but links to any other site are not allowed in your forum signature.
  6. Violators of the rules will be warned once by email and have their posts removed. There is no second warning. A second rule violation results in banishment. Sounds harsh, but there it is. We don't want to see our community abused.

We'll look forward to having a great time here with you.