In 1999, Gary Goodman and I founded a company we called Hotsos. We had a great run together, building a fantastic company that changed the way people think about optimizing Oracle performance. Gary and I parted amicably on 1 April 2008 to pursue our passions independently. Gary owns and operates Hotsos, and I now own and operate Method R, whose site you're visiting now.

The companies still work together. Method R supports and maintains the Hotsos Profiler software product. Hotsos and Method R both sell the Profiler. Hotsos continues to manage its existing Profiler customer business relationships, but now product maintenance is performed by Method R, using the same development team that invented and maintained it at Hotsos.

Method R owns the SLA Manager product. Method R is also the steward of the Hotsos ILO open-source project. These projects are also staffed by the same people that invented and maintained them at Hotsos.

Method R will also own the Hotsos performance diagnosis education curriculum (called, at different points in history, the Hotsos Clinic, PD101, and Oracle Performance Management using Response Time Profiling). Method R also has a license to teach the popular Hotsos SQL optimization curriculum.

Finally, Method R will support the Hotsos Symposium, using the same people who supported it before, when we were at Hotsos.