Here is a sample of what our customers have to say about the results they’ve achieved with software, courses, and consulting from Method R Corporation.

After reading the book and helping with a couple of issues here at work I have started thinking whether I should go back to doing some optimization work. With trace data and the tools you provide I can do stuff that no one here has even imagined possible and I really enjoy cracking those puzzles.

Guðmundur Jósepsson

Miracle Iceland, Reykjavík, Iceland

Tuned a query from 140 seconds to <2 seconds…and I couldn’t have done it without using @MethodR Profiler. #oracle

John Scott

Founder of APEX Evangelists, Leeds, England
via Twitter

I turn to Method R not only to provide these wonderful tools and the education to know how to use them, but also in time of crisis to ask for help when we’re in over our heads.

Andrew Zitelli

Principal Software Engineer with Honors, Thales-Raytheon Systems, Fullerton, California

[Cary Millsap presented a] great session at Oak Table World 2015. I am really upset I did not have a camera—to share with my teammates. It is not that often we can see such master in our area. And a man who enjoys doing his job—basically making magic :-)

Yavor Ivanov


Ask for a tour at a shop or dealership that works on Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, or any other high end vehicle. Take a look at the tool boxes, and the tools. You will see names like Mac, Cornwell, Proto, and Snap-on.

These tools are expensive. There is a reason for that. These tools are accurate and well made. The wrenches are forged, not cast—they don’t break under pressure. The people working on these vehicles depend on these tools to make their living. These are the tools they go to every day.

Take a look at your tool box—what's in it?

Method R tools are the Oracle Diagnostic equivalents of Mac, Proto, Cornwell, and Snap-on. The Method R Workbench is the tool box of choice for Oracle Performance analysis. There are free tools that do many of the same things, and I have used them. But, I’ve only used them only if Method R was unavailable.

A basic Snap-on tool chest filled with tools will cost $10–20k US, maybe more. The price that Method R charges is an irresistible bargain.

Jared Still

Principal Consultant, The Pythian Group, Beaverton, Oregon

...A few months ago, while reviewing a performance issue, the only file provided was the output of Method-R Profiler. I was surprised to learn how intuitive it was to read it. It was obvious to me that Method-R Profiler was designed by someone who really masters the topic of performance analysis. Method-R focus is WHERE is the time. To me, that is the only right approach for this kind of tool. We all want to find quickly and easily WHERE is the time consumed. I totally like Method-R. It gives me what I need to diagnose a process performing poorly. Its output is accurate, clear and clean.

Carlos Sierra

Oracle Support Analyst and Author of Oracle Trace Analyzer and SQLT, Orlando, Florida
“About TKPROF, Trace Analyzer and Method-R Profiler” at

As I completed a training course from Method-R last Friday, I would really like to send you a thank you note. Now I have a clear understanding how to attack a performance problem, and, most importantly, how to identify the problem. I feel like this course is the most valuable performance-related course I've ever had, especially the tracing analysis. The wealth of data in the trace files is hugely valuable and daunting at the same time. With the MR set of tools, the trace files make sense now. They make it possible, sometimes just within minutes, to get to the very root cause of a performance problem, pretty much eliminating all the trial-error-guess work.

Thank you very much for the tools and for the course!

Sergey Demin

Oracle professional, Atlanta, Georgia

It took me only 30 minutes to install MR Tools and MR Profiler, analyze a troublesome tracefile and get a whole new view of the problem. Not a network issue as I suspected, but several, periodic, “SQL*Net message from client” wait events of 10 to 26 seconds duration. Something else than network issue maybe, at least a whole new angle on the problem. Would have taken me days to spot that.

Blown away.

Lars Johan Ulveseth

Senior Systemkonsulent, SYSCO, Bergen, Norway

I attended your Mastering Oracle Trace Data one day seminar in London last year. I have last week, successfully reduced the User I/O Wait times by over 64%, and for one query, reduced the PIO from 15,000,000 per day to 4,000 per day. All this was achieved by analysis using Oracle Extended Trace files and MRSKEW.

MRSKEW made the analysis so much easier, processing gigabytes of trace file data in a matter of minutes. This is without doubt, the best £400 my company has spent.

Tony Sleight

BAE Systems, Warton, England

ILO, the Method R instrumentation library for Oracle, is an open source project directed by Method R Corporation developers. It contains PL/SQL procedures for measuring tasks using Oracle extended SQL trace. The procedures are installed and compiled in the target Oracle instance and can be called by code written in any language that has access to the Oracle database tier. ILO is fully integrated with the Method R SLA Manager, which allows you to organize and analyze response time data for your entire application system.

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December 2012

I have used the Profiler software since 2002 to solve numerous elusive performance problems. The Method R Profiler and Method R Tools are the best Oracle performance diagnostic tools I have ever used.

Andrew Zitelli

Principal Software Engineer with Honors, Thales-Raytheon Systems, Fullerton, California

The Profiler (combined with Method-R) has enabled me to resolve performance problems that could not have been resolved in any way other than by pure luck. The return of the modest investment cannot be beat. I saved a failing project as soon as I got it. I highly recommend it over the so-called “free” stuff.

Tony Aponte

Database Administrator, Clearwater, Florida

If you ever need to analyze #Oracle tracefiles for performance, the @MethodR is worth every euro. More info less effort. #mrskew.

Ronald Rood

The Netherlands
via Twitter

But damn… the M-R profiler is a hot piece of software. :) Definitely nice design and coding there. I find it extraordinarily useful. For larger organizations, I think it’s definitely worth the investment.

Jeremy Schneider

Oracle Performance Analyst
Comment on “Method-R Tools” at The Oracle at Delphix

Just wanted to let you know I took a 6-day process down to 9 hours using what you taught me about I/O!! It is on its way to QA and should be in production by the end of August. This is a great win for the business!! Still think you are a god, and thanks again for the lesson!

Nanci Hansen

Senior Developer, Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Plano, Texas

From the very beginning, working with Method-R was an absolute pleasure. ...The code was excellent: well written, modular and reusable where appropriate, and it performed exceptionally well. Of course, there are detailed exception messages to capture any possible errors, and I still haven’t encountered an uncaptured error in testing. The code is also instrumented, providing better visibility of active processes and allowing trace files to be captured easily when needed. Method-R exceeded requirements and expectations in their delivered code, and the difference between the code as it existed a year ago and as it exists today is almost unbelievable.

Robyn Sands

Database Systems Architect, Cisco Systems, Lawrenceville, Georgia
“A Long Overdue Thank-You” at

Your consultants were a tremendous help yesterday. I’m very pleased that you were able to analyze and solution my challenge within a 2-hour timeframe. it was both humbling and illuminating watching you work. My hat’s off to you.

Jon Spencer

Manager of Professional Services, Orasi Software, Inc.

Quite a few years ago, I created an Oracle/Java system for a client that supported only a handful of users, but did quite a bit of processing. Years later, and after an upgrade or two, I revisited that same system. Things had slowed quite a bit and since I happened to be re-reading Cary Millsap’s Optimizing Oracle Performance at the time, I decided to use his performance methodology to attempt to tune the system. The client had no budget for any of Oracle’s performance tuning packs or Method R tools. However, by simply turning on extended tracing and applying the methodology in Cary’s book, I was able to fine-tune the system and easily spot the problem areas. One portion that involved fairly involved processing and generated thousands of PDFs was reduced from taking 13–16 minutes, to 26 seconds! The biggest surprise for me was how relevant the book still is, even with 10g and 11g. Thanks for a great book! Maybe I’ll convince them to buy Method R tools for 12c… ;)

Shelby Spradling

Technical Architect / Technical Project Manager / Oracle Developer, Spradling Consulting, Austin, Texas

No other software comes close to the precision and trustworthiness of Method R software.

Alex Gorbachev

Chief Technology Officer, The Pythian Group, Ottawa, Canada
“Pythian Tools: Method R Profiler, MR Tools & MR Trace” at

Consistent is key here… Consistency based on a method that has proven his merits in the performance community, to get fast and accurate results. That is what the Method-R Profiler will provide you with, consistency, based on trace file input and a method that has proven very useful in performance analysis. Another advantage is that it the tool will profile all the trace file content given and puts it in context based on the Method-R methodology, that is performance result measurements in the context of response time analysis. One of the things I like is that it also takes into account where time was not spend, said differently, database things “doing nothing”. In the case of a network resolving issue, this could be one of the hints you might get from a Method-R profiling report signifying: “your problem is not in the database, but outside it, see the round trips/time spend…”.

Within half an hour, I presented to my colleague, the offending SQL statement. He needed almost 2 days to figure out the same, after long discussions with other team members, fiddling with report options in tkprof and the trace analyzers and trying to see it all in context; regarding the info presented in his reports. The Method-R profiling method has its merits on that account that you can skip most of these pointers and pinpoints you towards the problem at hand, in context, via profiling. Less time spend is, also in this case, less money “wasted”.

Marco Gralike

Principal Database Consultant, AMIS
Oracle ACE Director, Specialization XML DB
“Review: The Method R Profiler” at

I have played with MR Tools and some tracefiles. The Profiler has just done its job. I’m amazed. I even had to get my copy of Optimizing Oracle Performance. Why didn’t anyone tell me before? :-) I think I have learned more on tracefiles and performance the last 14 days, than I have the last 14 years.

Lars Johan Ulveseth

Senior Systemkonsulent, SYSCO, Bergen, Norway


  • Best content. It [Method R Profiler] clearly identifies WHERE the time is spent. So we can focus correctly where we need to.
  • Easy to install. I installed it on my laptop and it was as simple as downloading a file. I thought I was missing something, but not at all. Installation took me no time at all!
  • Installs nothing in the database. This means I can analyze Trace files on a system other than their source.
  • No need to connect to a database.
  • Output is clean and easy to read.

Carlos Sierra

Oracle Support Analyst and Author of Oracle Trace Analyzer and SQLT, Orlando, Florida
“About TKPROF, Trace Analyzer and Method-R Profiler” at

Cary Millsap has the rare ability to teach complex topics in a manner that everyone can understand. He is innovative and entertaining, and he always challenges his audiences to think beyond the status quo.

Andrew Zitelli

Principal Software Engineer with Honors, Thales-Raytheon Systems, Fullerton, California

Using your profiler and Method R is going very well. It was definitely the right decision skipping OraSRP since your software delivers so much more information.

Kim Hindsböl

Senior Oracle DBA, T-Systems International GmbH

The Method R Tools coming with the Mastering Oracle Trace Data course are making analysis of trace file a breeze and very versatile.

Alain Caron

Oracle DBA, Montreal, Canada

The support of Method R is great! I had the joy to participate in their beta program for version 2 of MrTrace.

Martin Berger

Database Administrator, Vienna, Austria
“Get Your Traces—Yourself” at

Our friend Dave Ensor—the grand old man of Oracle performance science—once told me in private that Cary Millsap was the best man inside Oracle to disprove theories. True. But he can also create. This book is fantastic. Those who read it will be kings for the next few years.

Mogens Nørgaard

Director, Miracle A/S, Ballerup, Denmark

We really like Profiler. We've always had trace files, but most developers do not know how to read them. It makes things very easy and gives me the evidence I need to demonstrate the problem is in the code, not the database.

Dorrie Keyes

DBA Manager, Indianapolis, Indiana

It was fun to learn so much about a topic I’ve known “well” for many years! My time was very well invested—causing me to rethink old ideas and think in new ways.

I was able to meet and learn from one of our industry’s iconic figures [C. J. Date]. Nowhere else could I have learned relational theory and design as it was meant to be.

John King

King Training Resources, Scottsdale, Arizona

As a proud owner of MR Tools I think it rocks. I can honestly recommend it to everyone. Easy to use, time saving and also helps to catch problems easily. Thanks for writing it.

A. Coskan Gundogar

Database Administrator, London, England

Within one minute of installation the Method R Profiler exceeded all expectations. We went live with a new warehouse management system this Friday because all of the tuning was done ahead of time. The Profiler pointed out all of the application inefficiencies which we turned over to the vendor. They were able to fix the ones with the largest impact on the online response times. That gave our management the confidence they needed to make the Go/No-Go decision. Until I got the Profiler we were looking at postponing it until next quarter. I pity the poor souls that have to optimize in mere mortal ways.

Tony Aponte

Database Administrator, Clearwater, Florida

Dear Sir,

I owe you and your corporation a long overdue thank you for Method R.

A couple of months ago, I was helping a client get through a serious performance problem on a project that was already late and getting later, we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel until we got to the last part of the application. We were facing a query that was part of a customer facing module that had to run in under 2 seconds per execution, and the current tests showed it running in 40 minutes. There was much consternation and many meetings were called, management was getting anxious and lots of memos were being sent.

I finally managed to convince the local DBA over there to send me a trace file of the application while the problem was occurring, then turned the Profiler on it. Out of 40 minutes of response time, over 39 minutes and 59 seconds were being spent one index call. Said call stood out in big bright red in the Profiler file….

One ‘ALTER INDEX ...’ call later to make the index unusable for the test…and the query completed in ½ second. We dropped the index, no recoding, release date met, …customer happy.

Thanks again.

Bernard Antonuk

Chief Technology Officer, Orion Data Management, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

The first time I used it, the Profiler helped me reduce the run time of one query from 6½ hours to less than 11 minutes.

Guðmundur Jósepsson

System Performance Analyst, Reykjavík, Iceland

I just finally got ’round to installing MR Trace in SQLDev, and I can say, “Wow... Just wow.” Absolutely blown away by how simple yet effective it is.

John Scott

Apex Evangelists Ltd, Halifax, England

With Method R tools, they not only share their know-how and tools they use to tune systems, but they have polished them into solid, clean, tight, professional-level tools that are dependable, high quality, and written with integrity.

Kyle Hailey

Delphix, Menlo Park, California
“Method-R Tools” at Kyle Hailey’s blog

After driving Mr Trace for less than 1 week, I can already see several things that stand out very nicely.

  1. MR Trace solves the scoping problem when trying to capture accurate trace files (the importance of correct scoping is mentioned in several places in your book).
  2. From an infrastructure perspective, installing MR Trace is unlikely to cause alarm in a corporate DBA group, whereas other tools that I’ve looked at require such things as ftp or ssh access to the oracle trace directory, which in some large shops is absolutely forbidden.
  3. And the third item which is also worth mentioning is the speed in which your support organization has turned around requests, I have been very impressed by how responsive your support team has been.
  4. When you combine MR Trace and the Profiler, we’ve been able to turn around fixes with almost no interruptions and have taken warehouse queries that use to never finish down to less than ten minutes.

Bernard Antonuk

Chief Technology Officer, Orion Data Management, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

MR Tools 2.0 ROCK! They seem much faster at processing large batches of trace files than v1.0. With MR Tools and the Method R Profiler, I will be invincible! :D

Ian Woodbury-Kuvik

Sparkworx, California

The C. J. Date course produced by Method R was the best investment in my professional career.

Raji Ramachandran

Data Architect, Caxton Associates LP

Every now and then even the best practitioners must take a step back to re-ground themselves in the fundamentals of the trade. The "blocking and tackling." Chris Date does a great job lecturing about logic and set theory—the blocking and tackling of the relational model. No one is more qualified to show us where the tools of our trade have munged the model. And his presentation style makes it a pleasure to learn.

Steve Ollig

Data Architect, Lifetouch Inc.

Method R consistently delivers a world class experience.

Steve Montgomerie

Sr. Oracle/PeopleSoft DBA, Siemens Corporation

I’m a firm believer in the Method R strategy for performance tuning as it has worked well for me countless times over the years.

Brandon Allen

Database Administrator, Scottsdale, Arizona

You guys have optimized every process in the sales path, precise, concise, simple, great work!

Aníbal Gattás

Freelance Consultant and System Engineer, Argentina