After driving Mr Trace for less than 1 week, I can already see several things that stand out very nicely.

  1. MR Trace solves the scoping problem when trying to capture accurate trace files (the importance of correct scoping is mentioned in several places in your book).
  2. From an infrastructure perspective, installing MR Trace is unlikely to cause alarm in a corporate DBA group, whereas other tools that I’ve looked at require such things as ftp or ssh access to the oracle trace directory, which in some large shops is absolutely forbidden.
  3. And the third item which is also worth mentioning is the speed in which your support organization has turned around requests, I have been very impressed by how responsive your support team has been.
  4. When you combine MR Trace and the Profiler, we’ve been able to turn around fixes with almost no interruptions and have taken warehouse queries that use to never finish down to less than ten minutes.

Bernard Antonuk

Chief Technology Officer, Orion Data Management, Hopkinton, Massachusetts