Consistent is key here… Consistency based on a method that has proven his merits in the performance community, to get fast and accurate results. That is what the Method-R Profiler will provide you with, consistency, based on trace file input and a method that has proven very useful in performance analysis. Another advantage is that it the tool will profile all the trace file content given and puts it in context based on the Method-R methodology, that is performance result measurements in the context of response time analysis. One of the things I like is that it also takes into account where time was not spend, said differently, database things “doing nothing”. In the case of a network resolving issue, this could be one of the hints you might get from a Method-R profiling report signifying: “your problem is not in the database, but outside it, see the round trips/time spend…”.

Within half an hour, I presented to my colleague, the offending SQL statement. He needed almost 2 days to figure out the same, after long discussions with other team members, fiddling with report options in tkprof and the trace analyzers and trying to see it all in context; regarding the info presented in his reports. The Method-R profiling method has its merits on that account that you can skip most of these pointers and pinpoints you towards the problem at hand, in context, via profiling. Less time spend is, also in this case, less money “wasted”.

Marco Gralike

Principal Database Consultant, AMIS
Oracle ACE Director, Specialization XML DB
“Review: The Method R Profiler” at