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Method R software tools, available at our online store, help you measure and manage the performance of your Oracle-based systems.

The Method R Workbench software package adds the incredible data mining and data manipulation capabilities of Method R Tools to the Method R Profiler, our response time profiling tool, and Method R Trace, our zero-click performance data collector for Oracle SQL Developer. Method R Trace gives you the easiest way there is to collect Oracle trace files. The Profiler gives you the story your trace file has to tell; a complete account of response time for the end-user experience you’ve traced. Method R Tools gives you flexibility and versatility. Method R Tools gives you a language for data mining trace files with sorting, grouping, and filtering features. With Method R Tools, you can query thousands of trace files in one command. It helps you adjust trace files that need fixing.

No other software comes close to the precision and trustworthiness of Method R software.
Alex Gorbachev
Chief Technical Officer
The Pythian Group

The Method R Workbench 5-pack software package puts the power of Method R Profiler, Method R Trace, and Method R Tools into the hands of five of your top developers, DBAs, and performance analysts. The 5-pack bundle starts you down an important path where DBAs sysadmins and developers can use the same tools and the same language to measure and manage the performance experiences that your users are feeling when they use your system. There is no more profound, long-lasting improvement that you can make to the performance of your systems than to introduce the response time profiling habit to your staff. Ask about discounting for larger volume purchases.

When the word got out that we could show with certainty if the application and/or database were causing unacceptable response times, all of the finger pointing towards the database disappeared. I mean, total silence from the complaint farm.
Tony Aponte
Database Administrator
Clearwater, Florida

The Method R Toolbox software package combines the Method R Profiler, our revolutionary response time profiling tool, with Method R Trace, our zero-click performance data collector for Oracle SQL Developer. Method R Trace makes it easy to collect and retrieve perfect Oracle extended SQL trace files. The Profiler gives you the story your trace file has to tell; a complete account of response time for the end-user experience you’ve traced. The Profiler guides you by using structure and color. It’s easy to learn, and it’s easy to run.

Method R makes the best Oracle performance diagnostic tools I have ever used.
Andrew Zitelli
Principal Software Engineer with Honors
Thales-Raytheon Systems
Method R Profiler

The Method R Profiler is a precision instrument that makes simple work of knowing exactly why your application consumes the response time it does. With minimal training, a Method R Profiler user can—in just minutes—identify the root cause of an Oracle-based application performance problem, propose sensible solutions to it, and predict the end-user response time impact of each proposed solution.

The Profiler has enabled me to resolve performance problems that could not have been resolved in any way other than by pure luck.
Tony Aponte
Database Administrator
Clearwater, Florida
Method R Trace

Method R Trace is a Method R extension for the Oracle SQL Developer version 3 interactive development environment. It is a zero-click Oracle trace file collector. Every time you execute SQL or PL/SQL from your SQL Developer worksheet, Method R Trace automatically copies a carefully scoped extended SQL trace file to your SQL Developer workstation, where you can tag it for easy lookup later. The main panel lets you manipulate all the trace files you’ve collected. You can click to open a trace file with any application you choose, like the Method R Profiler or your favorite text editor. Now, version 2 allows you to retrieve any trace file on your system, in an easy-to-use, natural interface to your trace file directory.

Interested? See Cary Millsap’s story of Method R Trace, or watch our 3-minute video demonstration.

I just finally got ’round to installing Method R Trace in SQLDev, and I can say, “Wow... Just wow.” Absolutely blown away by how simple yet effective it is.
John Scott
Apex Evangelists Ltd
Halifax, United Kingdom

Method R Tools is the industrial-strength software tool kit for managing and manipulating Oracle trace data, designed and developed by Cary Millsap and the performance specialists at Method R Corporation. With Method R Tools, you can see important attributes about trace files quickly without having to open them, execute complex queries against sets of trace files, and even fix problems in your trace files themselves.

Method R Tools is an all-in-one ETL + BI solution for Oracle database trace files.
Alex Gorbachev
Chief Technical Officer
The Pythian Group

ILO, the Method R instrumentation library for Oracle, is an open source project directed by Method R Corporation developers. It contains PL/SQL procedures for measuring tasks using Oracle extended SQL trace. The procedures are installed and compiled in the target Oracle instance and can be called by code written in any language that has access to the Oracle database tier. ILO is fully integrated with the Method R SLA Manager, which allows you to organize and analyze response time data for your entire application system.

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The Method R SLA Manager automatically records response times of business tasks and allows you to answer questions like, “What percentage of ‘Book Order’ button clicks executed over the past month have returned in 2 seconds or less?” Or, “Given current trends, when will our 99th percentile response time of 'Book Order' exceed 2 seconds?”

Why guess what your users are experiencing? You can know.
Cary Millsap
Method R Corporation